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Chippa brings flavour to ekasi

8 Jul

Finally the Cape has a team in the PSL that’s coming straight from ekasi. This is all thanks to Chippa United FC which has won promotion to Mzantsi’s elite league this upcoming season. This team from Phillipi in the Cape Flats, as the first team from ekasi to make it to the most lucrative league in the country, probably carries the hope and pride of all soccer lovers at black townships in the Cape if not the whole of the Western Cape.

Soccer lovers here have for years been crying for a team representing our townships to make it to the PSL. At some point there were four Cape Town based clubs playing in the ranks of the PSL in one season but still one didn’t feel the same sense of pride I experienced when the Chilli Boys, as Chippa United are affectionately known, was promoted to the PSL. This is because I never felt that teams like Cape Town Spurs, Helenic and even Santos were representing the hood I’m from. But with Chippa, it’s a whole different story.

A sport journalist at the office told me when the Promotion-Relegation Play-Offs started it would be more beneficial for the paper if Chippa made it to the PSL. He explained Chippa is more in touch with the community because they have close ties with the media, which was more than what he could say about Santos that apparently overlooked us (the best-selling newspaper in the Western Cape) for reasons known only to them.

I just can’t wait for the PSL season to begin so that I can put on my Chilli Boys t-shirt and drive to Phillipi Stadium (that is if they keep using it as their home base) and support the boys from the hood – from MY hood. Sorry Kaizer Chiefs, but charity begins at home. Besides you have more than enough fans to go around.

This piece was contributed by Anele Mfazwe who writes for Son in Cape Town